Running a successful business can be a complex endeavor. There are so many cogs that must be perfectly aligned for the machine to move. But what if you could reduce the number of moving parts and make it well-oiled and efficient? In this blog, we discuss automation, what it can do for your company, and how we can help you do it!


First of all, let’s take a look at BPA (Business Process Automation). BPA refers to a wide range of software solutions that can be tailor-made to make your business run more efficiently and consistently. We do this by implementing processes that streamline your workflow and communications, automate repetitive tasks, and cut costs and time.


Furthermore, automating your workflow creates a standard template of processes for you and your employees to follow. This removes confusion about what stage a project is in or who is assigned to a particular task. It’s no secret that clear and concise communication is paramount for a healthy business. Your automated workflow can be fitted with a dashboard, allowing employees to easily keep track of a project and see who is working on a particular part. Chain emails and attachments can be messy. These tools ensure that everyone is participating in the right discussion.



Automation also takes care of repetitive, mundane tasks that might be scattered throughout your process. People are imperfect and often our minds can get lost in the midst of such tasks. Fortunately, computers don’t have this problem! Computer-automated processes are reliable and consistent. By utilizing automation to handle such work, you and your employees can focus on more important things and avoid the need for corrections.


Every business owner knows that time is precious and wasting it is a cardinal sin. That’s why the ability to save time is the strongest case for adopting automation. All of the benefits discussed above have the added bonus of saving time! The efficiency and consistency of automation will give you hours of your day back and keep money in your wallet.


In addition to BPA solutions, there are almost endless ways we can make your business smarter with automation. Our previous blog discussed how IoT devices can be put to work for you. Now let’s take a more in-depth look at how we can make this possible with automation.


Imagine that you own a retail store and your best item is constantly at risk of being sold out. While it’s great that your business is flourishing, empty shelves can turn customers off and send them elsewhere. That’s where we come in! Using the latest methods and devices, your system could be made to monitor inventory and automatically reorder long before the shelves are dry. Social media accounts could be connected so that your customers receive updates on new shipments as well. This is just an example of how we can make your system go the extra mile with automation.



Here at Pretect, we know that automation is the future of business, regardless of what business you’re in. In addition to our Managed IT services, we have worked tirelessly to help our clients optimize their companies and maintain that competitive edge. Whether we are currently serving your IT needs or you are simply interested in having your business automated, we would love to talk to you about how we can help! Give us a call!