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May 14

5G: Promise of the Future

Posted by Geoff Ullrich

5G or not 5G? That is the question. What began as rumors from the bleeding-edge of technology whispered in only the most informed circles has now made its way to the front lines of every telecommunication company’s marketing offense. “5G is coming,” says one. “5G is here,” says another. We all remember the…

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Mar 16

While You Were Sleeping: Cryptojacking

Posted by Geoff Ullrich

Technology has made running a business easier, but there are hidden costs that must be considered. New computers are a single purchase, but energy consumption, bandwidth usage, and part replacement/repair are all associated costs. Obviously, you can plan your budget accordingly for these. But what happens when a third party tricks you into…

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Oct 3

Malvertising: The Malware Magician

Posted by Geoff Ullrich

One moment, you’re happily browsing a trusted site. A few clicks later and Abracadabra! You’ve left the safety of the secured site and are now somewhere strange where pop-ups shout fake system messages at you. What happened? Maybe you clicked an advertisement, or maybe you simply saw one in the margins of your…

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May 21

VOIP: The Right Call For Your Business

Posted by Geoff Ullrich

How often do you think about your business's phone system? You probably haven’t since the initial installation, yet it’s a central part of the way we communicate at work. Now more than ever it’s important to have a phone service that is affordable and adaptable to your business’s specific needs. In the past,…

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May 1

The HTC Vive and the Future of VR

Posted by Geoff Ullrich

The HTC Vive looks like it came straight from the future. When I slipped on the headset, I spent the first ten minutes simply looking around in awe. I was struck by how incredibly immersive this new VR technology truly was. As I fought off zombies, hunted bad guys, and swung lightsabers around,…

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