Are you reading this blog on your phone? Did you track your fitness goals with your watch today? Maybe you changed the thermostat remotely so that it was nice and toasty when you got home. Ten years ago, these ideas would have seemed outlandish. Ridiculous, even. Every day the IoT (Internet of Things) is morphing fantasy into reality. But how expansive is this tech-based wonderland and what’s next? The following list takes a look at key innovations that are changing your everyday life.


1. Smart Cities – Over the next several years, Columbus, Ohio is set to become the model city of the future. Having won the Smart City Challenge, Columbus will receive $50 million to implement IoT technology into their city’s infrastructure. They have also raised $90 million from companies like Amazon and AT&T to add everything from smart transportation to Wi-Fi access points across the city. In years to come, it is likely that Columbus’ example will help lead other cities forward.



2. Smart Homes – There’s a good chance you’re already on the smart home train. Companies like Google, Nest, and Amazon have all made affordable devices to transform your home into a tech palace. These products don’t just help automate tasks around the house; they can increase energy efficiency, bolster safety, and offer general peace of mind with remote access. Check out our blog on smart home tech for a more in-depth look at what’s out there!


3. Smart Cars – With the rapid pace of advancements in automation and “connected” features, this category is perhaps one of the most exciting. Each year, more and more vehicles are equipped with smartphone-like features. This includes mobile WiFi access and a host of apps for the road. By 2021, it is estimated that there will be 380 million such cars. As the technology progresses over the next 10 years, fully automated vehicles could very well be as ubiquitous as tablets and other smart devices.



4. Smart Accessories – We’ve come a long way since the calculator watch! Today, companies like Fitbit, Samsung, and Apple have revolutionized wrist-related accessories. Fitness trackers currently lead the way with their health-conscious and affordable devices, and smartwatches are close behind. The Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S3 bring fitness features and the functionality of your phone within arm’s length. Let us also not forget the dream that is Google Glass! For now, development continues on augmented reality headgear with no real commercial options on the market. However, it is hard to imagine that such devices won’t serve a pivotal role in our future.


5. Smart JOBS – It goes without saying that as we evolve technologically, so will the way we work. The IoT promises to bring innovative solutions to business owners both big and small! Our next blog will delve into the ever-growing world of the IoT and what wonders it has in store for your company. So stay tuned for Part 2 of our exploration of The IoT!